Empowering Organisations

Commercial Banks

Most cross border transactions are mostly settled via the US Dollar, and correspondent banks, adding additional costs and regulatory obligations. Add in, from an African context, currency controls, it becomes an admin nightmare, with numerous costs and delays, both for the bank and its clients.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

The advent of distributed ledger technology and APIs has alleviated the need to use correspondent banks, and it’s no longer necessary to pass through the US Dollar. Banks can simply “go direct”.

DEMARS would be delighted to demonstrate how.

Payment Service Providers (PSPs)

DEMARS partners with PSPs to provide automated domestic pay-in and pay-out solutions. As well as global e-commerce rails and online merchant plug-ins to settle transactions that are difficult to process via acquiring banks.

Company Treasurers

DEMARS offer companies trading in multiple jurisdictions with cross border payment and settlement solutions, which they can either use to manage their internal treasury operations or offer as a service to their customers.

There is often no need to use expensive third parties.

Asset Managers

Tokenised value is the next step in the evolution of the administration of collective investment schemes. Unit trusts and open/closed-ended investment companies will be no more.

DEMARS implements technology for asset managers which enables them to save money on administration costs, whilst at the same time attracting additional assets. As the “value” they are managing can easily be exchanged and transacted with. There is no need for investors to fill out realms of forms. All of this can be automated in a regulatory compliant manner.

Savings Clubs & Co-operatives

Running a Sou-sou, Sacco, Stokvel, or any sort of savings & credit cooperative can be an administrative burden. Software solutions abound, yet are often unaffordable and complicated to implement.

DEMARS take these hassles away, by providing managers with a free Web App to manage members’ accounts and investments. Whilst providing all members with a free Mobile App to transact between themselves and view the value of their savings.

Co-operatives can also offer cross-border payment and merchant acceptance solutions to their members. Generating additional income for all.


At DEMARS we believe that microlenders play a pivotal role in their communities. In these difficult times, with increased defaults and provisions, we are there to partner on innovative new products and services. So microlenders and microfinance institutions can attract additional deposits and raise non-interest revenues.


DEMARS has worked with several startups over the years. We are one ourselves, so know how hard it is.

For FinTech startups, we offer a solution whereby DEMARS can provide a minimum viable product, very quickly. This is especially useful if a startup is busy applying for licenses and needs to provide a demo of their solution.

This is however the one occasion where we charge a fee at inception.