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International Money

We provide affordable technology to enable companies to offer instant
cross border payment solutions to their clients.

Tokenised Investments and
Capital Raising

Use digital asset tokens to raise capital or provide liquidity. Securely
hold, exchange or transact this value. For an investment fund or even a

Electronic Payment

Accept or pay, with QR code enabled Wallet Apps- in your brand.
Intergrated with most e-commerce platforms, for online sales and

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Simple, secure packed full of great features:

  • Customise what assets you want to hold
  • Access a decentralised exchange
  • Quick payments and transfers to your accounts
  • Generate electronic payment requests

And many more…

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Most people don’t care
about technology. They
just want something


Most people don’t care
about technology. They
just want something


DEMARS is making it easier and cheaper for individuals and small businesses throughout Sub-Saharan Africa to transact with each other – and the rest of the world.

Our continent has some of the highest transaction costs on the planet. Costs which are often borne by the poor. It doesn’t have to be this way. As the technology to solve these issues is freely available, albeit still difficult to use and understand.

DEMARS takes away these hassles by providing a platform from which companies can launch affordable financial services on open source distributed ledger technology. In no time at all. With a seamless user experience, interoperable with most existing technologies and payment networks.

Working together, to connect Africa.


African Tech Summit Kigali
Startup Competition


Southern Africa Startup Awards
Startup Pitch Competition


Seamless Africa Startup Awards
Mauritian Startup of the year

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