How Does DEMARS Work?

Our system allows businesses and institutions to create their own custom white label eWallet solutions. These solutions enable businesses and individuals to convert their own local currencies into EURD and to use the stablecoin funds to make payments to each other through the Stellar Network, our blockchain payment system.

The Stellar Network will then store the currency in a secure, dedicated eWallet, where it can be invested or used to purchase other products and services. EURD balances can be converted back into international currencies whenever they are required, and EURD can be purchased and sold using other network assets like BTC as well.

From a technical perspective, EURD is a single chain product which can only be used on the Stellar blockchain network. Other stablecoins are usually used across a number of different blockchains. The single-chain nature of EURD offers Demars users a high degree of transactional transparency and security – not to mention that Stellar is the most cost-effective blockchain network to use for financial transactions as well!

Secure, Proprietary White-Label Wallets 

We at DEMARS have spent years developing and launching our proprietary eWallets for our EURD payment system. While other B2B payment service providers tend to offer only APIs and recommend the use of third-party wallets, our wallets are non-custodial and provide superior security and key recovery.

Our wallets are available for Android and iOS devices or securely accessed via a web browser. To provide users with convenient transactional capabilities, no matter where they may be.'s Android, iOS and web wallets enable businesses to hold and transact with international assets and currencies securely. Our solution offers user-friendly new account onboarding procedures and an intuitive pay in/out web tool to facilitate simple, immediate transactions across borders. It also enables multiple pay-in/out options and integrations using our API server.

The Service Explained EURD’s operational process can be defined in four simple steps:

A business in Eastern Europe sends a customer in the USA a payment request via their Demars app.

The customer makes a local currency transfer of USD via the ACH network to settle the business’s request. We will process the payment on your behalf.

The business’s eWallet is credited with EURD after processing fees have been deducted.

Once the funds have reflected, the business can choose to hold the EURD, convert it to a different stablecoin format, withdraw the funds to their bank account as fiat currency, or withdraw the funds to a mobile money wallet.

DEMARS offers broad payment method acceptance, allowing international customers to pay with their preferred payment methods, from traditional rails like bank transfers and cards to blockchain rails on unified APIs.

All transactions performed on our network will settle in EURD directly in your DEMARS account. Use your account to convert currencies and transfer them to a connected bank account or harness the power of on-chain digital Euros.

Payments made from EURD-compatible digital wallets will settle within minutes without posing any chargeback risks or currency volatility during the transactional process.

Why Choose Our Solution?

Businesses that choose EURD choose the ability to transfer and accept currency around the world quickly and cost-effectively. Once deployed, our technology can also enable several other beneficial services, including tokenized long-term savings products. Mutual funds and unit trusts available to purchase or trade for fractions of a cent.

DEMARS customers can also set prices when exchanging between currencies instead of being forced into the role of being price-takers.

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