The developers of the App never have access to our PIN and “private key”, which is what you use to sign your transactions. This is encrypted in the operating system of your device. So you have complete control over your assets.

Each of the digital assets is 100% securely backed by real assets. For example, the Euro asset in the wallet (EURT), is 100% backed by Euro’s in the bank. Held by TEMPO Money Transfers in Paris, France. So if you wanted to, you can go to Paris and cash out physical euros, or you can send EURT instantly to a friend in Europe, who can cash then out.

In fact it works both ways. A friend or family member can buy EURT from Tempo within the App and instantly send it to you. You can either hold the EURT or instantly swap it into NGNT – the Naira asset, backed 1:1 with Naira held at GTBank. You can then withdraw the NGNT – electronically – into any bank account in Nigeria. As Cowrie Systems, who operate the NGNT Anchor, have integrated with all of them.