In order to close your account, you will need to transfer out all the assets in the wallet, cancel all offers and remove any open trustlines. 

Transferring out assets

Firstly, go to the settings section of your app and toggle “show all digits”. The DMC app only shows 2 digits in default mode, but in actual fact all assets have 7 digits.

Then you can either transfer the assets to another account or trade them for the network asset, XLM.

Cancel all offers

Log into the exchange and check if you have any open offers. If there are open offers close these or place a market order so the trade will execute immediately.

Remove open trustlines

In order to remove a trust line, you first need to ensure that the asset has a zero balance. Check for all 7 digits and not just for 2 digits as there may be some “leftovers” from old trades.

Then navigate to the home screen, click on “customise” and remove the asset. Save all changes.

Close the account

When you have completed all of the above, simply navigate back to the close account option in settings and proceed to close the wallet. Any network assets remaining are transferred back to the activation account and any client data held is moved to the closed account folder, where it is securely retained for a term not exceeding the domestic regulatory requirements.