There are a number of benefits:

  • You can instantly swap your “peer to peer digital Nairas” (NGNT) into other currencies, via the decentralized exchange. 
  • Transfer these assets, instantly and securely, to anyone else who has the DMC App or any other Stellar network wallet.
  • Make a deposit or withdraw in the underlying asset. E.g. Deposit Naira in Nigeria, swap into US dollars and withdraw USD in the United States.
  • Hold your savings in assets (or currencies) you feel are more secure and have a better chance of appreciating in value and keeping up with inflation. 
  • Customise your wallet, so you only see the assets you want to, and the balance is calculated in your currency of choice.
  • Buy and Sell Bitcoin quickly and easily.

In development:

  • Make payments at merchants in any currency you choose, using a QR code.
  • Pay online for goods and services using any of the assets in your wallet.
  • Buy global savings products, from companies like Franklin Templeton Investments for fractions of a cent, which you can instantly transfer to anyone else.

Note: This is a new network, so additional assets are being added all the time and there will soon be far more liquidity.

If you can’t get a price, then just swap into Stellar Lumens (XLM), as this is the most liquid asset on the network.