DEMARS Empowers African Communities With Tools To Launch Money Apps

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world with 54 countries as well as over 5,000 diverse tribescultures, languages and dialects. Also, the so-called dark continent populated by more than 1.2 billion people, represents 16 per cent of the world’s population.

The captivating tribal traditions and the vibrant cultures mirror the best-decentralized communities in the world. However, these collectives are disconnected from each other, hindering Africans from leveraging the economic benefits that abound in them.

There is no other continent on Mother Earth with so much natural diversity stretching from the north to the Southern hemisphere. It has what many don’t have and will die to possess.

The people are very resourceful eking out a living under exceptional circumstances fraught with uncountable hurdles. Their resilience is strikingly astonishing to anyone who cares to observe their way of life.

Barriers To Cross Border Exchanges 

Engaging in cross-border trade and transactions is quite arduous and expensive for many Africans. In a nutshell, moving goods and services across borders and paying for the same face towering blocks.

Imagine an average transfer charge of 26 per cent which is a day’s minimum wage for a migrant worker who is sending money from Johannesburg to his family in the Democratic Republic of Congo? Then the young Entrepreneur in Nairobi, Kenya who has to pay over 17 per cent to settle her Supplier in Dubai. Africans are rip-off by corporations and centralized businesses who charge throat-cutting fees to move funds.

Isn’t it shameful that African migrants who leave their families behind in pursuit of better opportunities have to spend so much transferring money home? Statistics indicate that exorbitant fees imposed on those sending money to Africa cost the continent about US$1.8 billion annually.

According to the Remittance Prices Worldwide (RPW), averagely the global cost for sending a remittance is around 6.79 per cent. South Asia is the most low-priced region to send money with a median payment of 4.95 percentage points.

Unsurprisingly, Sub-Sahara Africa remains the most expensive region to send funds to, recording a medium expense of 8.90 per cent in the 1st quarter of 2020. Africans deserve to keep their hard-earned income and spend it with their families and communities.

This money they are sending goes to pay school fees, medical bills, help open new businesses and put food on the table. Horrible user experience is an enormous challenge for residents on the continent as the industry is laden with impediments compounded with lengthy processes leaving a sour taste in the mouth of many.

Why are we paying so much when the technology is available to make this so much faster and cheaper? Come on African entrepreneurs we can do better! Local savings clubs, among others, get your act together!

DEMARS Empowers Communities With Tools

How do we support our people to scale these barriers, save money, invest in their communities and pay for the education of their children, so that they can thrive? Connecting the people to the global financial system to make instant and low-cost payment is very imperative to ensure prosperity and human development.

Africans have ideas, enterprises and other commercial activities that need scaling and the best infrastructure to be able to grow into corporations for global utilization. If we can equip young Africans to build communities, in their own identity, but connected to their brothers and sisters, prosperity would be in abundance.

Africans work so hard that they merit prosperity and the best living conditions available to them. DEMARS EMPOWERS communities and organizations by providing them with the tools to launch their own financial services.

DEMARS is bridging the financial gap through partnerships with community banks, savings and loans, micro-finance, cooperative banks, regional lenders and a store near you to deliver extremely cheaper, instant, mobile transfers across Africa and the world. It is time to connect all the African communities in a truly decentralized manner to exchange goods and services and prosper through cheaper payments.

We want payments to be free – ultimately. Money must move like e-mail. We have a plan to make money from management fees on savings products. Payments are just a gateway.

Our goal is to STOP the banks and corporations like Western Union, Moneygram and all the money transfer companies with the insanely high cost of cross border payments from eating your lunch. We provide the most efficient and reliable services at your convenience in your palms.

Purposely, our FOCUS is on migrant and remittance dependent communities throughout sub-Saharan Africa who pay more to send cash back home than anywhere else in the world. It is their inherent right to keep the fruits of their labour.

The Money App

DEMARS works hand-in-hand with the people to solve the high costs of moving funds around and to Africa through an affordable technical infrastructure (platform). We support NEW and EXISTING players to PROFITABLY take advantage of the high margins and excellent user experience.

The DEMARS Money App has everyone covered from Accra to Addis Ababa, Cape Town to Cairo and the rest of the globe. It is iOS and Android compatible, and the end-user can securely hold, exchange and transact. Wherever they may be.

With a regulatory compliant web-based admin dashboard, it enables organizations like your local credit unions, savings and loans, micro-finance, cooperative banks and small financial institutions to manage their clients, assets and track their revenues. Moreover, our API connects the platform to existing payments networks and banks throughout the world to ensure payments with the speed of lightning.

Additionally, the Money App is QR-code enabled, making all transactions quick and easy. Transfer any value, no matter how small and instantly from the convenience of your phone anywhere you find yourself.

In the end, everyone can save when they send money to their loved ones and pay for goods and services. DEMARS empowers you to cut out the banks and money transfer agents by going direct.

Join the REAL Decentralized Community that cares about the future of Africa and its hard-working people. Together, we EMPOWER our communities to grow in the interest of the African Child, fulfilling the authentic UBUNTU spirit.

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