“The best way to predict your future, is to create it.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Founded in 2017 in Africa’s International Financial Centre of Mauritius, DEMARS’s dedication is to solve the problem of the high cost of financial transactions within the African continent.

Along the way, it became clear that empower communities is far more powerful and scalable than running a payment network and service across Africa. 

A New Paradigm

Our continent has some of the highest transaction costs on the planet, and the poorest among us are most heavily impacted. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Tech solutions abound, and our engineers at DEMARS have assembled these solutions into a single, seamless platform designed to change the way we use money.

How Do We Do It?

DEMARS empowers community organizations to launch affordable decentralised financial services Apps.

Working Together to Connect Africa­

DEMARS is making it easier—and more cost-effective—for individuals and businesses in our communities to sell their goods, and for everyday people to send and spend money throughout (and beyond) Sub-Saharan Africa.