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Cross border payments – for any sum

Offer your customers affordable international money transfers, for any sum, no matter the size of the payment, without ever having to get involved in foreign exchange, and its associated risks and regulations by merely integrating your domestic payment rails to the global Stellar network.

Savings products – for everyone

DEMARS crafts savings products that are easy for customers to buy, sell, and even transfer. Low-cost savings vehicles have traditionally been the preserve of high net worth and institutional investors. No more. With asset tokenisation, any fund or asset can be collateralised and offered to investors on a secure distributed ledger.

Easy to use – Money apps

DEMARS money Apps – delivered in your company’s trusted brand – enable customers to safely store, exchange, or transact in multiple currencies and assets. QR-codes provide for contactless payments, and there is a handy send money feature for merchants and fund requests too

Mobile Money Apps


Customise your interface to hold and transact with your currency of choice. Access a decentralized exchange for safe, secure asset swaps. Execute instant payments and transfers for painless transactions. Generate electronic payment requests to get paid, fast.

Your Org – Web Apps


Manage your customers and treasury with ease. A simple user interface with multi-role functionality, to dual verify and audit regulatory complaint client onboarding and management. Clear and simple income statement and balance sheet reporting too.

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