Secure Virtual Currency Wallets & Services For Internet Businesses

Accept and send payments internationally through a single secure, unified app platform. DEMARS is the latest B2B Payment system for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

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Instant Transactions
Secure Blockchain Wallets
Low Fees
iOS/Android/Web Apps

White Label Wallet Solutions

After years of proprietary Fintech development, DEMARS offers white label eWallet solutions to be used with our stablecoin blockchain payment system. As a turnkey solution, DEMARS payment services offer non-custodial eWallets with industry-leading security for your transactions. 

Android, iOS and Web Apps
Global Currency Transactions
Low Fees
EURD Stablecoin Backed
Key Recovery
Immediate Transactions

Secure Transactions With EURD 

EURD is a stable coin on the Stellar Network, 1 EURD = 1 EUR. Always. 

As a fully collateralised Euro asset, you have peace of mind that you can always convert your EURD to EUR at any time. Buy and deposit EURD with both virtual currencies such as Bitcoin or with Euros from your bank account. Exchange for other assets on the decentralised exchange, or transfer EURD between wallets - almost for free*.
*Payments on the Stellar network cost 100 stroops, which is a fraction of a cent.
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Accessible To All Businesses,
No Matter Your Platform.

DEMARS is 100% committed to accessibility for all, with full functioning eWallets and payment platforms on iOS, Android Devices and Web Apps. Whether smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop you can transact from anywhere you have access to a secure internet connection. 


There are more than sixty thousand daily active Stellar accounts worldwide.


Open an account with as little as €10 and receive 5 XLM and 5 EURD to get started.

5 Seconds

The average time it takes to process a transaction.


The distributed blockchain network never sleeps.

An Innovative Approach to International Banking for Businesses

You can open as many business accounts as you wish and add up to 5 signatories to each account. Virtual credit cards for operating expenses coming soon!

Business Account 


Simply deposit 100 XLM to activate your business account. Don't have any XLM? Buy XLM easily within your wallet.
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Your Wallet, Your Funds, Your Platform

Non-custodial eWallets

You hold the keys to your coins!

Local Currencies, Global Payments

By partnering with local financial institutions we ensure international currency support.

EURD Stablecoin Based

Enjoy the benefits of blockchain crypto payments without the market concerns.

Get Stellar Service

DEMARS uses the Stellar Blockchain Network to provide secure transactions at low fees!

Revolutionise The Way You Handle Business Payments

Speak to DEMARS today and we'll demo a tailored peer-to-peer payment system that truly represents your business needs in a global economy.

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